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About Michelle Parker

Michelle taught her first fitness classes back in 2002 while sailing the high seas and loved it!

Michelle Parker is the founder of FX3 Fitness Inc. and FX3 FIT, a high intensity interval training (HITT) fitness style that is based on functional bodyweight exercises, training YOUR body for YOUR life.

Mompreneur: Female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.
As defined by Wikipedia.

As a single mom of a beautiful baby girl, Michelle knows what it is like to have a little one be the center of your world. She also knows what is like to be a business owner in a pandemic with constantly changing restrictions that make it hard to keep your head above water and your business afloat.

Michelle believes in the power of fitness and that it has the power to change lives. She knows firsthand that it improves mental and physical health. While enhancing creativity and productively. Culminating in renewed energy for chasing after kids and grandkids!

Prior to being a mompreneur (pre-pandemic) Michelle held a full-time job while working full-time on her business and casually at Sunridge Ski Area and Marmot Basin. As a busy business professional with multiple competing commitments and now as a mompreneur, Michelle understands the struggle to carve out time for selfcare.

“I want to help make it easier for you to take care of you – after all, when you take care of yourself, you can take better care of those that you love and hold dear.”

So… Michelle is excited to be expanding her in-person classes to include a “bring your kiddo to your workout” option! This option allows for parents / guardians to bring their child/ren with them to their workout. While children will not be directly participating in the workouts, they are welcome be present – e.g., napping in their strollers, tummy time on the grass or playing nearby.

Michelle offers in-person, small group training utilizing the trails and parks within the beautiful community of St. Albert, Alberta, with the bonus of an online option for those days that work, or weather get in the way of your class time.


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Physical Education & Recreation Degree, University of New Brunswick

PRO TRAINER, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach, Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc.

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach (HWL), Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc.

Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS), Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc.

Personal Training Specialist (PTS), Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc.

Level II Ski Instructor, Canadian Ski Instructors’​ Alliance

Master of Business Administration, Royal Roads University

Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), Alberta CPHR



Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. (canfitpro)

Canadian Ski Instructors’​ Alliance (CSIA)

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Alberta (CPHR AB)

Business Network International (BNI), BNI Saint City

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