Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching combines our private personal training with our lifestyle coaching, you will spend half your session training, the other half delving into your nutrition and selfcare motivation and goals.

SWEAT. SCULPT. REJUVENTATE. PLUS combines our online group fitness programming with our lifestyle and wellness coaching. Enjoy online fitness classes, with new classes posted daily, Monday – Friday, PLUS monthly wellness challenges and weekly personal coaching calls focused on building healthier movement, nourishment, and selfcare habits into your daily routine.

What Our Members Are Saying

“I just want to thank you for a great experience! I think you are fabulous, so professional, knowledgeable, firm but kind and a great motivator. I wasn’t sure how the virtual experience would go but I have really enjoyed in.”

Deb M., 57


“My problem was trying to lose weight while gaining muscle and Paul’s was trying to gain muscle and a few pounds! We were both hesitant about whether we would enjoy the sessions and be able to stay with the program as well as get results. The program provided me with the accountability to an outside force that drove me to stay focused and engaged so that I was able to lose more weight than I first thought was even possible, not only did I meet my goal, but I also exceed it! It gave Paul the incentive to be incredibly supportive of my efforts. Not sure about joining the program? Know that it is an incredibly positive, engaging, and supportive experience and know that it is absolutely focused on helping you succeed.”

Paul & Roberta P., 75 & 73

Ski Instructor + Retirees

“I love starting my day off with FX3’s virtual workouts. The variety of exercises and the positive energy Michelle brings every morning keeps the workouts challenging and fun. It has been a great way to give me a positive boost to my day! Since starting the virtual workouts with FX3, I realized it was still possible to have a great exercise program and keep motivated even outside of the group classes in the studio. Michelle offers lots of variety and scalable workouts which allowed me to start at my level and increasingly become stronger! As always thanks for your support in my wellness journey!”

Lori V., 44

Human Resources + Mom

“I absolutely LOVED Coach M, FX3 and the 60-Day SWEAT. SCULPT. REJUVENATE. Challenge. It took a long time to get me talked into this, but I must tell you, it was life-changing and came just at the right time.  30 mins, 5 times a week, and the weekends were half-breaks, is PERFECT! I felt encouraged by Michelle’s directions, options, and pep talks. The workouts were easy to grasp, but hey— not always easy to do, but it just didn’t matter, there are options. I went in with a shoulder injury, and came out far stronger, this was worth its weight in gold to me. Thanks to you Coach, you put me on the right path.”

Nancy D.

B&B Owner

Book A complimentary 30-Mins Consultation

Book your complimentary, no-obligation, coaching call with certified Personal Trainer and Healthy Eating Coach, Michelle. During your call, Michelle will listen to understand where you are at, and where you want to go before providing you with an option(s) that is best suited to you, your desires, and your goals.