FIT 360

FIT 360 is a heart-pumping workout designed to increase your endurance and energy levels, while helping you to sprint through mom life. You will experience bodyweight conditioning followed by a flow and flexibility series for an incredible sweat session. Workout to YOUR intensity! Level up on your good days and scale it back on days where you are not quite sure how you made it out the door! Bring your kiddos with you in the stroller or leave them back home and come play. Either way, you will leave the class rejuvenated for the rest of your day!

Participants are reminded to bring your own fitness mat, plenty of water, a sweat towel, INDOOR athletic shoes for all indoor classes, and dress for the weather for all OUTDOOR classes. Doors open approximately 10-minutes prior to your scheduled class time.

Please workout to your own fitness level, take breaks if you need them and remember to re-hydrate and refuel post work.

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