Premier Membership
Premier Membership

Imagine…being in the best shape of your life! Invest in a healthier and happier you and get lasting results with coaching and accountability from the FX3 Fitness team of certified fitness professionals. Premier embers enjoy access to our in-person, 30 & 45-minute semi-private personal training sessions, led by a certified personal trainer, AND…

-> Quarterly benchmark workouts, body measurements, and “now” photos… trackable on our NEW app!
-> Optional Wellness Challenges – fitness, nutrition, and more – for a holistic approach to YOUR overall wellness.
-> Access to our Facebook community for added support and motivation.

Price: $249.00/month
<p><strong>WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Noticeable changes in your health and appearance;</li> <li>Changes in your mood and mental well being;</li> <li>More energy and confidence in your everyday life!</li> <li>A healthier and happier you;</li> <li>Create habits that live on as a lifestyle;</li> <li>Make new friends! Build your health & fitness support network!</li> </ul>

Book A Free 30 Mins Consultation

Book your free, no-obligation, coaching call with certified Personal Trainer and Healthy Eating Coach, Michelle. During your call, Michelle will listen to understand where you are at, and where you want to go before providing you with an option(s) that is best suited to you, your desires, and your goals.