What we offer!

At FX3 Fitness we believe in offering fitness and wellness programs that meet you where you are at. With our fitness programs we emphasize the value of functional body weight training.  We focus on training you for YOUR life whether that is a life on the trails, at the office, or in your own backyard chasing after your kiddos or grandkids. 

“Carrying excess weight not only increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer, it also affects your day-to-day life – low energy, increased stress, difficulty sleeping and so much more.”

In addition to offering Private Personal Training and Small Group Fitness options, we offer virtual and in-person Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching programs for clients looking for a more holistic approach to thier health and wellness goals. To learn more about us, our programs or to book a complementary 30-minute consultation, email us at, text us at 780-470-3232 or click on the link below.

Book A COMPLIMENTARY 30-Mins Consultation

Book your complimentary, no-obligation, coaching call with certified Personal Trainer and Healthy Eating Coach, Michelle. During your call, Michelle will listen to understand where you are at, and where you want to go before providing you with an option(s) that is best suited to you, your desires, and your goals.