“I started with FX3 Fitness as a 1-on-1 personal training client in the spring of 2018. I was the heaviest I had been in my life (230lbs), depleted of energy and motivation. At a business event, I was seated at a table with Michelle and her energy and commitment to a healthy and fun fitness regime was amazing. I immediately wanted to put a stop to the nutrition and fitness habits that were not serving me and start to turn things around. Michelle and I discussed my health, goals, and motivators. We also had a long talk about nutrition and my challenges with past nutrition programs.  I had a diet that I knew I should follow for my health needs, but I was not following it. We decided that I would commit to my specific diet and continue to build good eating habits.  


In 12 weeks, I saw a lot of great changes in my body tone, and I lost almost 25 lbs. Sadly I ended up moving back to Ontario and so our in-person sessions stopped. A couple of years later, FX3 started offering their online coaching program. The timing could not have been more perfect because again I was not exercising regularly, eating properly and I was feeling exhausted all the time. It was time to commit to getting healthy again.”

Tanya R., 42


“My problem was trying to lose weight while gaining muscle and Paul’s was trying to gain muscle and a few pounds! We were both hesitant about whether we would enjoy the sessions and be able to stay with the program as well as get results. 


The program provided me with the accountability to an outside force that drove me to stay focused and engaged so that I was able to lose more weight than I first thought was even possible, not only did I meet my goal, but I also exceed it! It gave Paul the incentive to be incredibly supportive of my efforts. 


Not sure about joining the program? Know that it is an incredibly positive, engaging, and supportive experience and know that it is absolutely focused on helping you succeed.”

Paul & Roberta P., 75 & 73

Ski Instructor + Retirees

“I’m so glad that I found Michelle and FX3! I always get a good workout. The classes are small with lots of personalized feedback. The registration process is simple and convenient, but it keeps me accountable so that I never end up missing a planned class. I really think these workouts are helping to keep me injury-free so that I can enjoy many other activities outside of the gym.”

Rebecca T., 47

Naturopath + Mom

“I have had such an amazing experience with FX3 Fitness! My best friend surprised me with an early wedding gift and signed me up for the SHRED class! If you are looking for something that works in your busy weekly schedule, this is definitely the class for you! Michelle has been so great to work out with and her positivity and motivation during the work out sessions drive you to do better! I enjoyed the class so much that I have signed up for the next SHRED class in continuation for the next 2-months! I am so excited to continue my journey here at FX3 Fitness and looking forward to more rewarding results!”

Lisa H, 30


“September 2020 was a turning point for me in that I decided to leave my full-time job and go back to school.  While my weight had not changed much since coming back to Ontario in 2018, I was back to being very inactive, eating the wrong foods, experiencing concerning results when my doctor did bloodwork on me. While I focused on school, I also took that time to focus on my health and to use my concerning bloodwork results as my motivation to improve my health. I had tried to workout at home before, but with truly little success.  FX3 Fitness now had a 60-day coaching program that made working out at home easy and fun. It was a great mix of workouts, selfcare, support from other participants, and accountability across the board. After my first 60-days my bloodwork was better than it had been since returning to Ontario and I was feeling more energetic. I committed to 3 60-day challenges back-to-back and lost 30 lbs. in total. I was back to running again which I had not done in years and my weight was the lowest I had seen in at least a decade.


I would have never gotten to where I am in my health journey without Michelle and FX3 Fitness. I still have more work to do on myself however I know that I never want to get back to where I was last September – tired, depressed, exhausted, and defeated. Every day is a new day and another chance to remember that I have the amazing ability to move – run, skip, jump, cycle, or whatever else and keeping moving is what will propel me forward mentally and physically as I age. Thank you so much for everything Michelle!”

Tanya R., 44


“I love starting my day off with FX3’s virtual workouts. The variety of exercises and the positive energy Michelle brings every morning keeps the workouts challenging and fun. It has been a great way to give me a positive boost to my day!


Since starting the virtual workouts with FX3, I realized it was still possible to have a great exercise program and keep motivated even outside of the group classes in the studio. Michelle offers lots of variety and scalable workouts which allowed me to start at my level and increasingly become stronger! 


As always thanks for your support in my wellness journey!”

Lori V., 44

Human Resources + Mom

“I have been working out at FX3 for 3-years now. In this time my health and fitness levels have remarkably improved. The instructors are fun and full of energy, so you always get the best workout. The scheduled classes motivate me to get to the gym on a regular basis. I work out more often and more intensely than I would on my own at a “traditional” gym. FX3 is a great place to get fit, have fun, and be part of a great community.”

Stephen Babik, 35


“Michelle was excellent as my instructor for the canfitpro Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Certification virtual course yesterday! 

Lots of excellent insight dropped and value added to the course curriculum. 

Michelle made the day fun and kept us on our toes to ensure we got a full “in-class” experience. 

I suggest anyone wanting to gain more insight into their own health, or any FitPro wanting to up their services, to take this course.

Thanks so much, Michelle!”

Cathy P.

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach, Student

“For 2021, one of my main goals is to get fit to the point of running a marathon. This is important to me as it would be a ‘graduation’ sort of present from the last few years of rehab…4 leg/knee surgeries in 3 years. I am not a runner, but I have always been fit and able to run when needed. I joined a 60-day challenge Michelle offered, not really knowing what to expect, but thinking Michelle’s enthusiasm and energy was worth following. We are on our third week of the program, and I can’t tell you how much enjoyment I am getting out of the variety of the exercises, the one-on-one coaching/nutrition, and the zoom team engagement sessions. Although this is done through Facebook, we are a ‘group’ class and no matter what your fitness levels or your movement limitations, Michelle can customize each stretch/exercise for us. I also really appreciate the prompts she provides to keep us on track to achieving our individual goals. In my mind I have watched myself cross the finish line with that bib on my chest, so proud of my recovery and accomplishment. Anyone interested in improving their health or fitness goals, get in touch with Michelle. It is an invaluable investment in you.”

Tamara C., 51

Business Owner

“I absolutely LOVED Coach M, FX3 and the 60-Day SWEAT. SCULPT. REJUVENATE. Challenge. It took a long time to get me talked into this, but I must tell you, it was life-changing and came just at the right time.  30 mins, 5 times a week, and the weekends were half-breaks, is PERFECT! I felt encouraged by Michelle’s directions, options, and pep talks. The workouts were easy to grasp, but hey— not always easy to do, but it just didn’t matter, there are options. I went in with a shoulder injury, and came out far stronger, this was worth its weight in gold to me. Thanks to you Coach, you put me on the right path.”

Nancy D.

B&B Owner

“I started coming to FX3 during my training for my first marathon last spring. My main goal was to strength train during my running schedule to make it to race day uninjured. With Michelle’s excellent coaching and encouragement, I met my goal. The benefits I gained through the entire process helped me realize how important cross training was to my overall fitness level.


“I have continued my early morning classes and love the results. Overall, I have increased strength, flexibility, and balance. With less running and more cross training I have improved my running form and performance. The small class sizes and individualized coaching with Michelle are worth every penny.”

Sheri M., 44

Teacher’s Assistant + Mom

“Looking to further your knowledge in the health and fitness area? This is a good place to start. Michelle provides great instruction and delivery of the HWL course. This can be done online or live (pre covid shutdown) and is a great course to add to your toolbox. Thanks Michelle!”

Elisha R.

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach, Student

This “I’m worth the effort” mentality spread into dinner time, where now we only order in once a week, and I cook real meals from scratch with lean meat or salmon and vegetables as a side dish. We also eat less pasta which used to be a staple. I still make tacos, but my plate has a salad with avocado, no salad dressing nor sour cream. I have cucumbers, carrots, and celery in my fridge for snacks, instead of the usual nothing.

Michelle reaches out when you do not participate, to s“This sounds melodramatic, but I feel like Michelle saved me – my sanity? My life? After working at home for over a year because of the Pandemic, I have developed some terrible habits: waking up just before work; breakfast of 3-4 cups of 18% cream and coffee; lunch would be something quick (processed and microwaveable, e.g., ramen noodle soup). My family would order take-out/delivery 3+ days a week and I drank 4+ craft beers every single night. No surprise, I gained 15 lbs. and my step count was consistently under 2,000 steps. I also felt very alone.

I first signed up with Michelle in November 2020 to lose the excess weight so my summer clothes would fit. You can just feel her energy, enthusiasm, and sincerity through her ZOOM calls. She made me feel from the beginning that this was not just about weight. She was going to help me.

Unfortunately, even before I started, I became sick with Atypical Viral Pneumonia with all the symptoms of COVID (but tests were negative). It literally took until February before I could walk a flight of stairs without needing to sit to catch my breath. Michelle held my spot, and I signed up for the 60-Day Transformation Challenge in March 2021.

Michelle is by far the best trainer, and may I say, lifestyle coach, that I have ever met. She is gentle, non-judgmental, but direct. I have an all or nothing mentality. She encourages small changes each week, if not every day, to build healthy long-term habits – and they have stuck! My issue has never been eating too much; it was not eating at all.

She told me, “For example, instead of 4 beers, cut down to 3. Next week, cut down to 2.”  I immediately cut down my alcohol intake and drank more water because, in my mind, I have permission to still drink, but I can drink less – just pay more attention. This is the only way I know how to explain it. I read and implemented the changes she posted in the daily tasks, drinking water first thing and less coffee in the morning, grabbing at least a piece of fruit before 10am, and making a real lunch. My favorite is thin sliced bread with avocado (instead of mayo), cucumbers and tomatoes sometimes with 1 or 2 half pieces of bacon. Not the best well-balanced meal, but it is delicious, and it takes effort.

ee if she can help. I love that she does that – it made a huge difference when I had a terrible week and felt too embarrassed to admit it. She genuinely wants you to succeed.  I have rheumatoid arthritis and my body was not happy with the sudden increase in activity. Every day was worse with pain in my wrists, hands, and feet, then my neck. I did make a conscious effort to ensure my steps would at least beat the 2,000 minimum I had last year, but I found I could not do yoga, the morning workouts or even weights because something I needed to use, hurt. I tried. I just felt more injured the next day. But I had to start somewhere, and Michelle offered alternatives.

My transformation was entirely internal. I am sure you can tell there are no external changes. My weight went down then up then down. The good news is my flare has finally settled and I have been pain-free for 3 days. The bad news is the transformation challenge is over. The best part, however, is that I am trying to be healthier. Last year I just did not care.

I am down for round two of the challenge so that I can continue to improve my health. My mother died at 51 (Sept 1993). I am now 51. I want to live and have a life, with energy to hike or bike and explore the outdoors without being breathless. I know that overall, I am better than I was last November, thanks to Michelle.

Teina B., 51


Join the FX3 fitness

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